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An eco-cottage

Everything, in this country house whose walls reach up to 60 centimeters thick, was designed in order to preserve the environment: a non-polluting mode of heating (pellet stoves, thermodynamic balloon for the production of hot water), optimal insulation in ecological materials (wood wool, cellulose, hemp, lime, vermiculite), double glazed windows low emissivity handcrafted in a wood made in France.

The murals are mostly of natural origin (clay, lime) and were chosen for their low volatile organic compounds. Wood floors, doors and stairs are most of the time oiled and waxed instead of varnished and coatings and insulating foams were selected for their low environmental impact. Guided by the principles of the feng shui, all bedrooms walls were made of wood rather than built with metal rails.

Most lamps of the little summer house are equipped with low-energy lamps or LEDs. Electric appliances (television, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, fridges) are systematically classified A, A + or A + +. Most windows have lined curtains or are made in natural fiber particularly insulated.
Everything is planned to recycle waste products (sorting, composting of organic matter). In the kitchen, the cooking is done using butane gas cylinders rather than electricity, which consumes more energy.

Finally, priority has been given to the economization of water: the bath can also be used as shower, toilet tank has an economic button and faucets are equipped with flow restrictors. The garden is planted with flowers and shrubs of local species and it is possible to irrigate them with rainwater.

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