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The Little Summer House

It always has been called like that : the little summer house. Because for a long time, the house was not heated, and people only lived there during the summer holidays.


A charming house in stone, dating from the French revolution, with a garden flowered and fenced, located in an extraordinary quiet village, Landreville, a town of character where a delicious champagne has been produced for generations.

Today, the little summer house has been converted into a charming eco-cottage. It counts three spacious bedrooms tastefully decorated, a cosy living room where a pellet stove burns during the cold season and a particulary bright bathroom. And even nestled in the garden, an old timber-framed house, shelter for children's games during the summer.


Roseline Jean-François Demeyère welcome you there throughout the year, with the possibility of staying for a midweek between Halloween and Easter. Discover their paradise.
A dream ...


A charming cottage

The little summer house combines the charm of authenticity and modern comfort. Its rooms are spacious. Its decoration was designed and built with taste (furniture, bedding, lamps and quality artwork). The garden is pleasant, facing south. The entire property is surrounded by walls, the parking lot is closed.

Its kitchen has a dishwasher, a fridge with an independent freezer, a convection oven and a microwave oven. Its cupboards contain quality crockery and a multitude of small electrical household appliances. A washing machine is also available.

The bathroom can be used either to wash, to take a bath or just a shower. It is heated by an electric towel rail suitable to the (important) volume of the room, with a further blow raising up to a power of 1000 watts, for optimal comfort.

In the living room, a flat 80 cm screen TV allows to capture up to thirty terrestrial channels.

A stereo (CD, tuner, DVD) with USB or i-pod options is connected to two wall speakers that let you watch DVDs in a relaxed "home cinema" atmosphere.
The cottage is equipped with wi-fi.

In the pink bedroom, the largest in the house, a "king size" bed (2 x 2 meters) acts as a curiosity and encourages idleness.

In the garden, the pleasures are many : a canvas stretched between the walls of the houses minimizes the summer sun, a gas barbecue allows to eat in the garden, benches and chairs are plentiful, and many varieties of shrubs and flowers, which hatch in all seasons, literally delight the senses.

An eco-cottage

Everything, in this country house whose walls reach up to 60 centimeters thick, was designed in order to preserve the environment: a non-polluting mode of heating (pellet stoves, thermodynamic balloon for the production of hot water), optimal insulation in ecological materials (wood wool, cellulose, hemp, lime, vermiculite), double glazed windows low emissivity handcrafted in a wood made in France.

The murals are mostly of natural origin (clay, lime) and were chosen for their low volatile organic compounds. Wood floors, doors and stairs are most of the time oiled and waxed instead of varnished and coatings and insulating foams were selected for their low environmental impact. Guided by the principles of the feng shui, all bedrooms walls were made of wood rather than built with metal rails.

Most lamps of the little summer house are equipped with low-energy lamps or LEDs. Electric appliances (television, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, fridges) are systematically classified A, A + or A + +. Most windows have lined curtains or are made in natural fiber particularly insulated.
Everything is planned to recycle waste products (sorting, composting of organic matter). In the kitchen, the cooking is done using butane gas cylinders rather than electricity, which consumes more energy.

Finally, priority has been given to the economization of water: the bath can also be used as shower, toilet tank has an economic button and faucets are equipped with flow restrictors. The garden is planted with flowers and shrubs of local species and it is possible to irrigate them with rainwater.

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