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The village of Landreville

The wine-producing village of Landreville, with its 500 inhabitants, is located on the Tourist Route of Champagne (in the heart of the Côte des Bar) and a few kilometers from Essoyes, birthplace of Renoir. It is a half hour drive from Troyes or Chaource west, from the lakes of the Forêt d'Orient north, from the amusement park Nigloland northeast or from the the Abbey of Clairvaux east.

Several shops are located in the town: a bookstore, a laundry, a hairdresser ...

A recreational space including a playground for children and several sport grounds allows to play tennis, basketball, soccer or bocce.

The center of the village, very flowered, that overlooks a Romanesque church dating from the twelfth century, is the starting point for many walks, either along the Ource, a charming river tributary of the Seine, or in the surrounding woods, or even in the heart of hillside vineyards that dominate the region.

Quiet, easy living, close to nature characterizes the environment of the little summer house, built in the rue de la vieille halle of Landreville, which recalls some picturesque streets of northern Italy.

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